The Best Boots To Get The Job Done!


Work boots are an essential piece of attire for many hardworking people. Whether it be welding, construction, or another labor-intensive industry, a strong, sturdy work boot is needed to ensure on-the-job safety. However, not all work boots are the same. Before committing to a work boot, it is important to survey the options available and pick the boot that suits all of your needs.

Wolverine Steel-Toe Wellington Work Boot

Wolverine is a leading brand when it comes to quality work boots. The Wellington is a no-lace slip on boot with tumbled leather uppers for durability and PVC mid-soles to provide comfort. The steel toe protects your feet and the rubber outsoles offers slip resistant traction. The Wolverine Wellington provides a durable boot for an affordable price of $60 – $80.
Wolverine Raider MultiShox Contour Welt Wellington Work Boot

Another member of the Wolverine slip on boot family, the Raider is a few notches above the standard Wellington. This boot is designed withstand tough working environments and kept your feet comfortable at the same time. The outsoles consist of Wolverine’s MultiShox technology that absorbs shock to keep feet ache free and from getting tired and the Contour Welt design gives the boot the flexibility of an athletic shoe. The outsoles can resist heat, chemicals, and abrasions as well as maintain traction in oil and water. Due to the higher quality and multiple features, this boot comes with a higher price tag than standard boots clocking in at around $150 – $200.

Timberland Pro Direct Attach 8″ Waterproof Work Boot

Timberland is another known leader in the work boot industry. The Pro Direct boot is a lace-up waterproof boot made of leather and features an anti-microbial lining. Lacing up this boot allows you to customize your fit and support, and the rubber lug outsole provides durable traction. With this boot being waterproof, it is ideal for all those wet and dirty jobs. Timberland is a rugged brand and a typical price for this boot is around $100.

Timberland Pro TiTan Series 6″ Waterproof Safety-Toe Work Boot

The Timberland Titan is a powerhouse boot of a shorter stature. Coming in at 6″, it is ideal for those looking for a comfortable shorter boot shaft. The outer is made of soft leather and the inside of the boot sports a lining with an anti-microbial treatment that will keep your feet dry. This boot is ideal for those that need protection, but are constantly walking and moving throughout the workday. Timberland’s TiTan alloy safety-toe provides protection but without the weight of a typical steel toe boot. The polyurethane midsole also offers durable cushioning while still keeping the boot lightweight. The price of this boot compares to other higher quality boots, coming in at around $150.

When choosing a work boot to suit your needs, it is important to consider the following factors: safety, protection, durability, and comfort. Before buying, know what it is you need from your boot and consider your options. All boots are not created equally and not just any boot will get the job done.